Ford Embraces Bloggers to Launch New “Fiesta”

fordfiestaIn an attempt to embrace the changes in how people communicate, Ford will leverage bloggers to launch their new car, the Fiesta, early next year. Continue reading


MSNBC’s Groundbreaking Video Player

inaug_player1Some say text is king.  You can scan it, quickly pinpoint what you want, and eternally have a reference you can immediately revert back to.  For this reason alone, some say, video will never replace text as the main method of communication on the web.

Introduce MSNBC’s new video player, which should become the standard for future video on the internet. Launched in time for Barack Obama’s Inauguration speech on Tuesday, users can click  Continue reading

YouTube for Television

yt-wiiYouTube is coming soon to a TV near you, should you have a Wii or PS3 to display it through.  

I find this incredibly interesting on two levels:

1: YouTube’s convenience and share-factor revolves around its web-based efficiencies.  I can type in a friend’s email address in a few easy keystrokes and quickly shoot off the daredevil tactics of New York bike riders to my buddies.

Will this cross-platform application stick?  I don’t know – if you’ve ever tried browsing the web on a Wii, it’s cool and fun for a while, but once the newness wears off, I’d say it becomes bit tedious and tiresome. Continue reading