The Best of SlideShare: “The Twitter Book”

twitterbookslideshareEach Friday, we hand select a presentation from SlideShare that focuses on the area of business, design or technology (preferably a marriage of the three) for your personal and professional enlightenment. Continue reading


Ford Embraces Bloggers to Launch New “Fiesta”

fordfiestaIn an attempt to embrace the changes in how people communicate, Ford will leverage bloggers to launch their new car, the Fiesta, early next year. Continue reading

AdvertisingAge: How marketers can tap social media.

adagelogoAdvertisingAge has a good write-up on what marketers should focus on while tapping social media networks.  Take widgets and apps for example:

Don’t forget the No. 1 rule of widgets and applications: They must offer useful, helpful or entertaining value to customers and potential customers.

Covering widets, apps, twitter, and facebook, this article serves as a good reference for anyone starting to jump into social media as a marketing channel.

Target Twitter Users with TwitterHawk

twitterhawkNow that have determined businesses are able to use Twitter free of charge, we felt it appropriate to begin providing tools for you to take advantage of the medium.  Thus, we present TwitterHawk – a service-based website that auto-contacts twitter users based on their message content and location. Continue reading

Twitter’s On Again, Off Again Business Model

twitterheadlinesThanks to creativebuzztoday reader Amy, we are happy to report that Twitter “will remain free to use by everyone—individuals, companies, celebrities, etc.,” per the company blog.  So, no need to blame Dell for ruining a potentially incredible marketing channel! Continue reading

Dell ruined it! Twitter to start charging for commercial use.

twitter-logoGiven the success of Dell’s holiday campaigning on Twitter, and Twitter’s need to monetize their incredible asset, it was only a matter of time before companies would see an invoice to be part of the Twitter community.  Continue reading

When shouldn’t you Twitter?

twitter-logoSo, if you ever head out on a secret mission or receive confidential business info, you should keep that to yourself.  Think that is elementary?  Check out this gem (one of many) from a US Congressman en route to a “secret” trip to Iraq: “Iraq! Issues! Longterm impact on containing Iran.. Need a coherent detainee strategy.  Amb Crocker leaving after a very successful tenure”.  Again, just one of many, including a “Just landed…” message. Continue reading