AdvertisingAge: How marketers can tap social media.

adagelogoAdvertisingAge has a good write-up on what marketers should focus on while tapping social media networks.  Take widgets and apps for example:

Don’t forget the No. 1 rule of widgets and applications: They must offer useful, helpful or entertaining value to customers and potential customers.

Covering widets, apps, twitter, and facebook, this article serves as a good reference for anyone starting to jump into social media as a marketing channel.


Poducate Me – an Online Podcasting Guide

poducatemeIf you or your company have ever considered starting a regular podcast, website covers every aspect you need to know.  With an online guide covering topics ranging from “Educational Challenges (of Planning Your Own Podcast)” to “Hybrid (Dynamic Processors)”, you won’t find a wider knowledge base.  Happy podcasting!

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ChaCha Search

chachaMany people have heard of the text message service ChaCha that magically answers any question you ask within minutes.  You send a question via text or voicemail to ChaCha, and they respond in a couple of minutes with an answer.  How do they do this so quickly?  ChaCha employees utilize ChaCha quicklinks to drill right to your question’s answer.  What you probably don’t know, however, is that you can take advantage of their exceptionally designed search functionality, built for speed, to bolster your own search results. Continue reading

The Best of Slideshare: “Shift Happens”

shifthappensEach Friday, we hand select a presentation from SlideShare that focuses on the area of business, design or technology (preferably a marriage of the three) for your personal and professional enlightenment.

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UsernameCheck: See What’s Available and Where

usernamecheckEver start up a site or register a new name and come to find down the road that your user name was already registered on some key social media sites?  Forgot where you’ve registered an account at with your user name?  Today we present to you for all of your … um … user name checking needs. Continue reading

mindmeister: Collaborative Online Mind Mapping

mindmeister1Last week, we brought you Webspiration, a collaborative, web-based mind mapping site.  Today, an alternative choice is made available to you: mindmeister.  With multiple users editing a single map at the same time, much more elaborate portability options, and varying levels of service, mindmeister may fill in some of the Webspiration gaps. Continue reading

Yahoo! Briefcase Packs its Bags

yahoobriefcaseFor all of the Yahoo! Briefcase users out there, you have a month to pack your bags and get out.  Yahoo! will discontinue its free online storage service on March 30.   Continue reading