Ford Embraces Bloggers to Launch New “Fiesta”

fordfiestaIn an attempt to embrace the changes in how people communicate, Ford will leverage bloggers to launch their new car, the Fiesta, early next year. Continue reading


AdvertisingAge: How marketers can tap social media.

adagelogoAdvertisingAge has a good write-up on what marketers should focus on while tapping social media networks.  Take widgets and apps for example:

Don’t forget the No. 1 rule of widgets and applications: They must offer useful, helpful or entertaining value to customers and potential customers.

Covering widets, apps, twitter, and facebook, this article serves as a good reference for anyone starting to jump into social media as a marketing channel.

Fired Over Facebook

facebookIf you don’t think you can get reprimanded or worse for comments made on social networking sites about your workplace or boss, think again. Continue reading

The Future of Facebook

facebookFacebook is exploding onto the age 35+ scene.  With friends, family, long-lost schoolmates and distant relatives reconnecting at record numbers (220M in December alone), it would be hard to argue with anyone that Facebook isn’t blossoming into the central hub for many internet surfers.  What does this mean for your business, wanting to tap into these resources?  And what does it mean for Facebook, trying to capitalize on their sleeping giant? Continue reading

Radar iPhone App: Share iPhone Photos in Realtime on Facebook and Twitter

radarsmallRadar and its realtime sharing of iPhone photos has come to the iPhone, immediately available for download.  The application allows users to instantly sync photos in realtime to Facebook and Twitter accounts, and just in time for Super Bowl XLIII. Continue reading

Minggl: Consolidate Your Social Networks

minggleUgh – social networking on the internet can be so tedious.  “Hey guys, I’m going to the store” … Twitter, Facebook, MySpace – where do the updates stop?  If you find yourself repeating messages across multiple networks, it may be time to consider a consolidator, like Minggl, which will give you a single launch-pad for all of your social networking needs. Continue reading

creativebuzz on Facebook & Twitter

facebookPutting some of the information in our own posts to work, creativebuzz, according to Facebook, is going “global”!  Hit the links below to join the Facebook group or to view our Twitter feed.

creativebuzz on Facebook
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