Managing the New Millenial Generation

millenialsRon Brunson writes on what it takes to motivate the new generation of workers, and his take is well worth the read should be faced with the younger generation of workers. Continue reading


Get Your Read On with BookSwim

bookswimIf you’ve ever been told to “Read a book!”, as I often was by my high school football coach (thanks, Coach Curry), but don’t have a monster budget to drop $100/month on reading material, give BookSwim a look.  Considered the Netflix for books, BookSwim features multiple check-out plans and free shipping.  After your first three months, plans start at $19.95/month for three books out at a time.

Ford Embraces Bloggers to Launch New “Fiesta”

fordfiestaIn an attempt to embrace the changes in how people communicate, Ford will leverage bloggers to launch their new car, the Fiesta, early next year. Continue reading

SEOrush Helps Determine SEO Effectiveness

seorushIf you are maintaining a website, or are in competition with one, fine tuning SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is a must.  We’ve provided some resources to help you optimize your site, but sometimes it can be difficult to determine how effective of a job you are doing.  Let SEOrush help. Continue reading

The Best of Slideshare: “Career Advice ’08”

slidesharecareerEach Friday, we hand select a presentation from SlideShare that focuses on the area of business, design or technology (preferably a marriage of the three) for your personal and professional enlightenment. Continue reading

Fired Over Facebook

facebookIf you don’t think you can get reprimanded or worse for comments made on social networking sites about your workplace or boss, think again. Continue reading

Building Customer Loyalty

Photo by BaLLYo0o

Photo by BaLLYo0o

Back on February 12, we wrote about timing your email campaigns to be in front of your readers when your readers are ready to hear your message.  Timing is crucial, and one of the long term effects of doing so is customer loyalty. Continue reading