Brand Leaders in YouTube Marketing

Catherine-Gail Reinhard of Videasa has an excellent write-up on in regards to the leaders in YouTube Marketing

As YouTube has grown into the preeminent video sharing service online, marketers have tried, with limited success, to broadcast themselves and to reach audiences with their messaging. And while individuals have used YouTube as a platform to step into the spotlight, most brands have been left behind in the shadows. Save for the occasional media-supported viral video blitz, or user generated contest, commercial success on YouTube has been elusive to the many brands that have tried to reach for that brass ring.

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Marketing & Sales Integration – Go forth and prosper!

Marketing And Sales: Integrate And Prosper
Forbes, NY


Sales and marketing should be playing the same score, even if marketing plays the trumpet and sales plays the baritone saxophone. But too often, this level of cross-department collaboration is a holy grail that few companies achieve.


Social Media’s big time! Now featuring their own gov fund!

Communities, Innovation and Washington – New York Times

Communities, Innovation and Washington
New York Times, United States
Central to the initiative is the creation of a Social Innovation Fund housed at the Corporation for National and Community Service. Congress has authorized the fund, and President Obama’s 2010 budget allots $50 million for it to start. ….

Need a Productivity Boost?

We weren’t crazy when we were touting Inbox Zero!

Almost 30,000 advertising jobs have been lost since the start of this recession. With fewer people, agencies desperately need increased productivity. But how can they increase productivity in the midst of layoffs? One answer comes from a surprisingly obvious place: e-mail.

Advertising Age

Google Wave: Weird and quite wonderful

CNET kind of misses the boat here – this is much more than just a slick email/IM tool.  Google Wave, set to launch later this year, has the potential to change how we use the internet.  Web 3.0?  Maybe….  How is it more than just email?  Google has provided API’s that will allow web developers to incorporate the open source software into their web pages with unprecendented ease of use and access.  As the old cliche goes, the possibilities are endless.

Google’s experiment make e-mail more like instant messaging, and IM more like e-mail.


The New Yankee Stadium: Not every fan’s baseball paradise

Yankee fans seeking a moment of interaction and a player’s signature are often leaving disappointed.  As creators of the guest experience, it’s interesting how easily small details can be overlooked and amazing the impact those details have on the end user experience.
New York Times

WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury set to rock sponsored jerseys. Awesome.

It looks like sponsored jerseys have made their their way into the American professional sports scene. And the Cubs home jerseys looked so clean! Dang you, WNBA!

Seattle Post Intelligencer

Mercury enter into marketing partnership with LifeLock
In a move that will surely change the face of women’s professional sports, the Phoenix Mercury announced today that they have entered into a multi-year marketing partnership with LifeLock to launch the first-ever branded jersey in WNBA or NBA history.
Dear WNBA: A marketing wizard in your midst Hartford Courant
In WNBA, Jersey Sponsorship Could Set New Standard New York Times
Phoenix Mercury partner with Lifelock
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