The New Yankee Stadium: Not every fan’s baseball paradise

Yankee fans seeking a moment of interaction and a player’s signature are often leaving disappointed.  As creators of the guest experience, it’s interesting how easily small details can be overlooked and amazing the impact those details have on the end user experience.
New York Times

Icon Design Tutorials posted up 50 different icon design tutorials covering every type of icon imaginable. If you are a designer, and following in our Self-Taught series, this is a must read. Continue reading

What do colors mean?

colorYou hear a lot about colors and the emotions they represent, how they can change the way a person feels, and how important they can be in communicating your message.  That’s all fine and dandy, but if you don’t know, at the core, what they are supposed to represent and how to match them together, you’re going to wind up sending mixed signals.  So, to prevent you from inadvertently communicating to your guests, customers, clients, etc. that you are depressed and hate them, we’ve pulled together a few resources.   Continue reading

The Thought Behind Pepsi’s New Logo

pepsiIf you’ve ever wondered how an industry-leading company goes about redesigning their logo, you are in for a treat. PepsiCo recently relaunched their brand with a snazzy new logo, and the initial thought-concepts from the agency who won the job are available on Scribd.  Continue reading

SUMO Paint: Web-Based Photo Editing v1.0

sumo-paintWeb-based photo editing seems like the next natural step in the world of e-services.  Sites like Photoshop Express provide guided changes, but SUMO Paint recently released v1.0 of their web-app, a virtual Photoshop anywhere you can find the web. Continue reading