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  1. Apple’s Anti-Piracy Removal from iWork ‘09 is Pure Marketing Genius: Apple’s insight has revolutionized the way we compute, listen to music, and speak to each other.  By removing serial numbers from the iWork ‘09 suite, they will revolutionize the way we distribute and use software next.
  2. Revolutionize Your Presentation Flow with Prezi: An online presentation application that builds your slides along two-axis maps and presents them by rotating and zooming.
  3. Radar iPhone App: Share iPhone Photos in Realtime on Facebook and Twitter: Radar and its realtime sharing of iPhone photos has come to the iPhone, immediately available for download.  The application allows users to instantly sync photos in realtime to Facebook and Twitter accounts, and just in time for Super Bowl XLIII.
  4. Apple MobileMe, Meet Google Web Drive and Microsoft SkyBox: The ability to sync calendars, tasks, documents, contacts, etc., with multiple computers from a web-based storage system will, in the future, be a necessity.  Apple had the market cornered… Until Google and Microsoft stepped into the ring.
  5. Let NewsGator Assist in Your Evaluation of Enterprise Social Computing: NewsGator has released an assessment tool, SCORE, to assist you in determining if an enterprise social computing solution is a good fit for your workplace.
  6. How to Motivate Creative People: For the readers in our crowd, we present to you an eBook – How to Motivate Creative People, by Mark McGuinness from Wishful Thinking.
  7. SUMO Paint: Web-Based Photo Editing v1.0: Web-based photo editing seems like the next natural step in the world of e-services. Sites like Photoshop Express provide guided changes, but SUMO Paint recently released v1.0 of their web-app, a virtual Photoshop anywhere you can find the web.
  8. 61+ Free and Professional Fonts: Ever have trouble finding the perfect font?  The top 21 Most Used Fonts by Professional Designers are inside along with 40 more free fonts for professional design.
  9. Top 10 Traits of the Creative Personality: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi at Psychology Today broke down the traits of a creative personality. So I ask you this – can the personality be molded?
  10. Photoshop -101: Self-Taught Artistry: Don’t immediately turn to your cube-buddy and ask, “What does the pen tool do again?”

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