Product vs. Commodity: NBC’s “Wide World of Sports”?

nbcderbyWe must be able to draw a distinction between a company’s commodity and it’s product.  The commodity is the good or service, while the product satisfies the need.  For example…

Apple produces iPhone’s as a commodity they put into the marketplace – the physical item that is sold.  But Apple also recognizes the perceived need in the public of the lifestyle on the go, so the product they sell is mobile office, the world at your fingertips.  Their commercials aren’t bandwidth this, gigabyte that, screensize galore.  When you walk into the Apple Store, you aren’t purchasing the physical phone.  Rather, they sell you the perceived need the phone fulfills in your life.  Apple is among the best at identifying your perceived needs, and delivering a product to you to fulfill those needs.

Which brings us to NBC.  Any great marketing campaign triggers a user experience that engages the user within the product.  NBC is looking to move their sports broadcast business from commodities to products in an effort to become the new “Wide World of Sports” from ABC’s glory days.  Continue reading


Managing the New Millenial Generation

millenialsRon Brunson writes on what it takes to motivate the new generation of workers, and his take is well worth the read should be faced with the younger generation of workers. Continue reading

Think Outside the Box to Grow Profit

best_buy_logo_3During periods of economic strife, most companies do one of two things.  They will either batten down the hatches or get aggressive and look for value in odd places.  Best Buy has apparently chosen to do the latter. Continue reading

Get Your Read On with BookSwim

bookswimIf you’ve ever been told to “Read a book!”, as I often was by my high school football coach (thanks, Coach Curry), but don’t have a monster budget to drop $100/month on reading material, give BookSwim a look.  Considered the Netflix for books, BookSwim features multiple check-out plans and free shipping.  After your first three months, plans start at $19.95/month for three books out at a time.

Ford Embraces Bloggers to Launch New “Fiesta”

fordfiestaIn an attempt to embrace the changes in how people communicate, Ford will leverage bloggers to launch their new car, the Fiesta, early next year. Continue reading