SEOrush Helps Determine SEO Effectiveness

seorushIf you are maintaining a website, or are in competition with one, fine tuning SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is a must.  We’ve provided some resources to help you optimize your site, but sometimes it can be difficult to determine how effective of a job you are doing.  Let SEOrush help. Continue reading


The Best of Slideshare: “Career Advice ’08”

slidesharecareerEach Friday, we hand select a presentation from SlideShare that focuses on the area of business, design or technology (preferably a marriage of the three) for your personal and professional enlightenment. Continue reading

Fired Over Facebook

facebookIf you don’t think you can get reprimanded or worse for comments made on social networking sites about your workplace or boss, think again. Continue reading

Icon Design Tutorials posted up 50 different icon design tutorials covering every type of icon imaginable. If you are a designer, and following in our Self-Taught series, this is a must read. Continue reading

What do colors mean?

colorYou hear a lot about colors and the emotions they represent, how they can change the way a person feels, and how important they can be in communicating your message.  That’s all fine and dandy, but if you don’t know, at the core, what they are supposed to represent and how to match them together, you’re going to wind up sending mixed signals.  So, to prevent you from inadvertently communicating to your guests, customers, clients, etc. that you are depressed and hate them, we’ve pulled together a few resources.   Continue reading

Building Customer Loyalty

Photo by BaLLYo0o

Photo by BaLLYo0o

Back on February 12, we wrote about timing your email campaigns to be in front of your readers when your readers are ready to hear your message.  Timing is crucial, and one of the long term effects of doing so is customer loyalty. Continue reading

Our Recent Hiatus

venue09_256As many of our loyal readers have noticed, updated content on has been few and far between this past week.  On February 21, I took part in my first solo wedding photography shoot, and came through with what I hope to be flying colors.  This is solely due to hours and hours of preparation, at the expense of this site.  Well, Saturday has come and gone, photos are processed and we’re back on the horse. Continue reading