Use Tweetag to Determine Hot Twitter Topics

tweetagIf you are looking for the latest “buzz” in the social network-sphere, Tweetag can get you there.  A visit to the Tweetag homepage serves up a word cloud 40 words deep of the hottest keywords on Twitter before you begin customizing your search. Continue reading


7 Steps to Create A Web Form

wff2Need a form for your website but don’t know how to code PHP?  Not interested in learning all of the intricacies of databases?  Follow these 7 steps to easily create your own email or database form. Continue reading

The government is leveraging Web 2.0. Are you?

usagovBig government can be slow to react, adapt, change.  The United States government is no different, yet, Web 2.0 has been adopted and implemented.  So, what is stopping you and your company? Continue reading

The Best of SlideShare: “Thinking Visually”

thinkingvisuallyEach Friday, we hand select a presentation from SlideShare that focuses on the area of business, design or technology (preferably a marriage of the three) for your personal and professional enlightenment.

Volume I, Issue 2:  Thinking Visually Continue reading

Yahoo! Briefcase Packs its Bags

yahoobriefcaseFor all of the Yahoo! Briefcase users out there, you have a month to pack your bags and get out.  Yahoo! will discontinue its free online storage service on March 30.   Continue reading

Ten Rules to Deliver a Killer Presentation

presentationA lot has been written about delivering presentations, and I am personally a big fan of Presentation Zen.  BNet posted today on delivering a killer presentation, and outlined 10 rules in doing so.  While rules are always made to be broken, these will serve you well as guidelines. Continue reading

Leverage Web 2.0 for Business Growth & Resiliency

We are very fortunate that, given the generational challenges we face today, we have tools that those that came before us could not possibly imagine. Continue reading