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How to use Twitter to mitigate a crisis

Planning, setting and managing expectations, establishing your message platform as well as aligning resources are essential to gaining the most value from your Twitter channel, and will help you be prepared for “what-if” scenarios.


Social networking as an online marketing tool

There was a time when many believed that social networking was just a fad that would only be used by the young, but as its popularity continues to grow it is becoming a major part of many companies’ online marketing campaign.

Social networking growing as an online marketing tool

Twitter is changing the sports industry

SI.com has a write-up that combines two of our favorite things, Twitter and sports.  Is the start-up social media site doing what SI claims?

Stewart Cink is a nice golfer — ranked 29th in the world, a member of the 2008 Ryder Cup-winning U.S. team — and one of the most affable, accessible guys on the PGA Tour. But the 17th flagstick at Sawgrass has more star power than the laid-back Atlantan. So why does a digital version of Arnie’s Army, 280,000 strong and surging, follow Cink’s musings on Twitter? Perhaps they are riveted by the revelations that he recently forgot the departure time of a flight, got lost driving around Jacksonville Beach and — brace yourself — refilled his allergy medication. Even Cink is bemused. “I’m honored,” he said of the size of his audience. “I respect and am grateful to everybody choosing to listen to the b.s. that I’ve put on Twitter.”

Twitter craze is rapidly changing the face of sports

Common Social Media Mistakes

Macon.com has come up with 10 mistakes that are easily made when folks start diving into the world of social media.  Well worth the read if you’re just beginning to get your feet wet.

Social media networking is a marketing phenomenon too powerful to ignore. Many companies use it wisely to communicate and connect with existing and potential customers, but just as many use it incorrectly. Here are some wincingly bad social media practices.

Ten common social media mistakes